Month: October 2017

What does it mean to be awake?

Are You Awake?

For those of you who’ve been following me and my mission for a while now, you know that each week we delve into different topics dealing with the various different WAKEUP Calls we have in our day to day lives. Whether that’s learning to get out of your own way, realizing that you are not …

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Trust Yourself and Treat Yourself

For anyone who’s ever tuned into one of my live WAKEUP Calls on Facebook, you’ll know that I host most of them from the studio I’ve built in my basement. What you might not know is that I actually spend quite a bit of time there working, brainstorming and even relaxing. When I started planning …

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Let Go and Reap What You Sow

Let Go and Reap What You Sow

Fall is in the air… Another season, another transition… Autumn is my favorite season because you get to reap the rewards of your work from the year. You get to reap what you sow. As a former farmer, this metaphor really resonates with me because if we look to nature, it’s kind of comforting to …

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Find Your People

As you may or may not know, just about thirteen years ago I left my day job working for Midas to take the terrifying leap into entrepreneurship. I wasn’t sure exactly where it would take me. What I did know though, was that up until that point I’d spent most of my life feeling completely …

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