The Story.
The Team.
The Vision.

About WakEup

At WAKEUP we believe that the results that we get in our lives and in all areas of life are a direct reflection of the internal dialogue and the unconscious patterning, programming, conditioning,  and beliefs that we have. For most of us, that internal programming is unconscious. It’s been given to us. For all of us. It’s unconscious, we end up manifesting results in our lives that do not truly reflect what we desire.

THE Wakeup Story

What lights us up is helping people tap into their limitless potential and start living the epic life where you HAVE IT ALL.

As business partners and the ultimate power couple (yeah, we’re cool to toot our own horn) our collective experience as entrepreneurs, parents and normal humans that have been through it all, led us to start The WAKEUP Collective. 

We’re here to empower you with the shit that ACTUALLY works and will get you to where you want to be. 

We’re NOT about the 10 step strategies and false expectations. 

We ARE about the identity shifts, deep reprogramming, nervous system regulation and embodiment and the deep shit that will change your world.


Here at The WAKEUP Co. How we do one thing is how we do everything. For us that’s teamwork. Jay, Steph, Shauna & Andy are proud to be the team that keeps the wheels turning at The WAKEUP CO. We are all hugely passionate about the world of mindset, embodiment and increasing your consciousness. That’s why we work so well together and want to help impact your life for the better. Find out more about us below…


Jay has built multiple six and seven figure businesses over the years but nothing gives him more pleasure than helping people discover their diamonds and uncover their potential. He founded The WAKEUP Co as a way to help people WAKEUP to start living the lives they want to be living instead of what society dictates you should be living.

Follow him on IG @jaykubassek


Certified Embodiment Coach & Breathwork Facilitator, Steph is pretty much obsessed with growth. Firmly in her body, at ease, and experiencing true flow. She wants to help you do the same. Having created her own hugely successful coaching business over the past couple of years she wants to help you to create balance and get clarity on your desires all while having fun and embracing the now.

Follow her over at @iamstephmorris


“Dreams don’t have to be big, but they have to be yours”. This is a saying Shauna takes to heart. With a huge passion for mindset and fitness, she always goes above and beyond for people. She also enjoys travel, lives for her dog and considers herself an iced coffee queen. Shauna is a proud member of the WAKEUP Team for a good few years now and loves seeing the growth that people experience and get to go through on a daily basis. She can’t wait to see yours too!

andy mcgrane

Andy is the tech wiz behind the scenes here at WAKEUP, responsible for all things sound, video, production and curator of the most epic playlists for our events. As the other half of “Shauna & Andy”, he is also obsessed with their dog, Freddie and  has been a critical part of the WAKEUP team for years. He’s a “deadly” guy (apparently, that’s a compliment in Ireland).


These are our exclusive in-person events for our most comminuted members who are 100% invested in themselves and ready to fully embrace a huge impact in their lives. Once part of The Collective you’ll have the chance to register your interest for our next retreat.