Desert Doesn’t Mean Deserted: You Are Not Alone.

Desert Doesn't Mean Deserted

I recently took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona for one of the many events my company holds all over the world. Anywhere I go, I like to get out and see the local sights and take it all in to get a feel for where I am and as a way to remind myself to stay present. In Phoenix I was fortunate enough to take an excursion out into the desert with a group of friends and colleagues. The stillness and quiet of the desert is something that’s indescribable, and while I was out there it got me thinking.

We were miles out from any major road in a flash flood zone. After watching a beautiful sunset,  the desert became pitch black and on top of all that, there was a dust storm surrounding us. With the darkness and storm surrounding me, it reminded me of being alone and that scary feeling of not knowing where you are, where your friends are, where your people are, where the road is, where your path is. That feeling you got when you were a little kid and you’re panicked all of sudden.

I think it’s really important to know who your people are. I think it’s really important to know your direction. Have your direction, have your sense of direction, have that internal compass tuned in – to be following something, that north star. If that north star is covered by a dust cloud, you’ve got to have at least some sort of internal guiding system guiding you, directing you, calling you beaconing you almost like a beacon.

Sometimes you have to blaze your own path. Sometimes you have to blaze your own trail.

Imagine you have your torch, you have your flashlight. You’ve got your shoes on, you put one foot ahead of the next, you’ve got cactus thorns stuck in your socks…

Having to find your own path, having to make your own trail is not something we like to do by default. It’s so much easier to follow an established path, but sometimes there are no signs, there are no markers, and you’ve just got to get to where you know you should be…you need to make it on your own with whatever it is that you have and that’s not for the faint of heart, but we all have it in us to swallow that fear.

We see the lightning and hear the thunder. We feel the wind and we feel the rain coming. All we crave is a sense of direction, a guide, a light, someone to follow but it comes down to trusting what’s inside of us and not giving up. We’ve got to find that internal intrinsic compass, our intrinsic guidance system or motivation. Whatever’s over that hill, nobody knows but just standing there isn’t a solution. Just standing there waiting for the rain and the storm, that’s not an option. All that’s left is one foot ahead of the next. One step at a time.

Know yourself, know your people, and know…

You are not alone.