Frequenty Asked Questions


There is a flat rate of $6 per order for domestic Canadian/United States shipping and $15 per order for international shipping.

All orders are shipping 2-5 days after the order is placed. Exact delivery date is determined when sent by USPS.


Items purchased through the Wake Up WAKEUP store may be returned for store credit within 30 days. All items must have their original tags and be unworn and unused, and proof of purchase must be provided.

Please visit https://awakeupcall.myshopify.com/pages/returns for further information on the returns policy.

*If a product is individually marked as final sale, that voids the standard return policy. 


All of the leather products are made in the USA by a father and son team. Each product is handmade, which is why no two will ever look the same.


That’s a big question! You’re really getting at us with the heavy-hitter. The long and short of it is that getting your life together is maybe not the actual goal. 

Maybe your goal is to take a breath, finish that daunting task, experience some joy, or let go of some bullsh*t. Even if you cross all of these off your to do list, your life will probably be a lot like all of ours: seriously not together, but doing our best. 

But maybe there’s a lot of beauty in this state and peace to be found. What do you think?

The WAKEUP Co is currently in their labs working night and day to come up with a WAKEUP branded serum, safe for children and animals, with no side effects that tastes exactly like Fruity Pebbles that is 100% guaranteed to make children and pets listen. 

This is not true. You’re children might not listen now, but you can rest assured that when they’re 30+, they’ll realize what an amazing parent you were during their childhood and appreciate your hard work. You’ll just have to wait until then. 

If you want your dog to listen, you’ll just have to train it. Even then, there’s never a guarantee. 


Stay tuned. Let’s figure this out together. SIGNUP

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