Former Farmer Seeks Millions

I’m a farmer. I grew up on a farm.

I tell you this because it’s not something everyone knows about me. I also tell you this because so many people come to me telling me that they think they don’t have the skills, the drive, the intelligence, the opportunity, the support, the confidence, the whatever to start over. To reinvent themselves and build a life they love.  

So the WAKEUP Call for today is an easy one.

I’m here to tell you that you have everything you need within you to make a massive shift. And if you don’t believe me, let me paint you a picture…

I didn’t know what an antibiotic was for the first 25 years of my life. I grew up on a religious compound or commune. It was isolated from the outside world and centered around the religion that my incredible grandfather conceived. This religion did not believe in medicine, doctors, or dentists. None of that stuff.

“The Lord will heal you and we’ll all get new teeth in Heaven, so just shut up and get back to work!”


So finally in 2000 I “escaped” from this commune where I had spent my entire life. And by “escaped” I mean I left with the blessing of my community with a gifted vehicle and a check for $10,000 to keep me afloat until I got myself established. But, saying I escaped in the dead of night just sounds way cooler so let’s go with that…

Sounds like a pretty sweet setup right? But remember, I’d never once seen a doctor, I’d never watched television, I’d never been to a concert, I’d never seen a mainstream blockbuster movie. So, from 2000 to 2010, after I left this commune, there was a tremendous amount of discovery and growth I had to go through just to fit in.

I didn’t have a credit score. I didn’t even know what that was. You can’t even get a cell phone, let alone a credit card, without a credit score! I’d never had a real job. I mean, don’t get me wrong, on the farm I had lots of jobs, but that didn’t translate to real world employment so I was left holding this check for $10,000 and nowhere to go having to figure out what most people had figured out at the age of 14…

“How do I write a resume? What do I need for this application? List your education? Oh, shit. Eighth grade on all the main subjects, ninth and tenth grade crammed into six months, math and English. I’m not going to put that on a resume! What kind of job is that going to get me? Work experience? Hmm, several thousand hours driving a John Deere tractor in the fields, watching the seagulls, ploughing the fields, harvesting, taking care of the crops, delivering baby lambs in the middle of the night in lambing season, shovelling manure with an ice pick.”

You see where I’m going with this…

If I was going to have any kind of future, the kind of future I envisioned for myself, the kind of future that inspired me to leave the commune in the first place, something was going to have to change. I found that I was pretty much going to have to find a different path to that dream job of a corner office and a gleaming office tower in Toronto…

I had envisioned a beautiful loft. It was going to be in the Tip Top Tailors original, big, stone, brick factory, just on the waterfront in Toronto, that was converted into gorgeous lofts. I’d have my own designated parking spot for my Porsche with my name on it, “Mr. Jay Kubassek”. I would have the best suits, a Rolex on my wrist, Armani, Versace, you know, a big gaudy parade. That was what I had envisioned my life to be and if I wanted anything even remotely close to that, I was going to have to make a shift.

So, did I paint a clear enough picture for you?

I wanted to share that little story to help you WAKEUP to the fact that if a culturally ignorant, Canadian farmer without a checking account, a job, or a clue can pull himself up by his bootstraps and turn the remaining .57¢ from his original $10k (yes I managed to spend it all. That’s a story for a different day) into a successful seven-figure business, then I hope I’ve inspired you to look inward and do a little self-discovery.

I hope you realize that your hardships and your struggles and your journey are what make you who you are. They are what give you your edge, your X-factor, your unique perspective. Honor that.

And as long as you’ve got the desire, vision, and drive to build a better life, that’s really all you need.

I promise. Trust the word of an honest farmer.