Hard Work Won’t Get You What You Want In Life . . . Your Intentions Will

I’m often asked, what is the secret to my success? What is the reason I am financially free, have great people around me and have “achieved” so much? In short, why am I so happy?

Does it come from work? What about discipline? Perhaps it’s my skill sets?

See, the misconception in life about “living the life” is that you have to hustle your ass off 24/7, 365 to achieve massive wealth, abundance, great health, a great body and great relationships.

While this is, in part, true, it is only a piece to the bigger puzzle. You need to understand that it’s not necessarily the correlation between hard work and results, but the correlation between the “right” work and your vision, that is, doing things that matter and knowing where you truly want to be in the future.

Let’s start with the basics and then go with 3 governing principles to get you from here to there.

First, let’s understand the mindset.


People who live in abundance did not get there simply because they worked so hard to achieve it. If this were true, then there would see a lot more financially independent souls walking this Earth. Think about that. How many people do you know that work their asses off just to pay the bills?

Working hard does not correlate to seeing the results you desire. The fact is people who live abundantly got there intentionally. You read that correctly!!

The power of intention is extraordinary, and a life unexamined is not worth living. So let’s examine it for a moment.

If you take a look at my life, the parts that are working, flowing and are harmonious and abundant, the parts that are full of love and blessings, peace and gratitude . . . Each of those areas of my life that are working like that is for the simple reason that I’ve intentionally given time, dedication and special attention to them. True, this takes an extraordinary amount of hard work, but more importantly, it’s the “right” work.

Again, if it was all about how hard you work, how dedicated you are and how much discipline and ability to take action you have, if it were just about that, then everyone would be living a life of their dreams. See, hard work and intentions have to go together. You have to set the intention, and it’s something that you do deep down in the heart.

And that’s the secret right there.

Whenever I set my heart to something, on an emotional level, every part of my being is on board with that intention – then I’m living intentionally. Things happen the way they’re supposed to happen because that’s the way the universe works.

When I look at the parts of my life and business that aren’t working on any given day, week, month or year, I always find a correlation to what intentions were set. Were there specific intentions I wanted to achieve within those areas and was I clear about them?

Just assuming that things will work out in your favor — that things will get better or will change, and hoping that the outcome will be there just because you’re putting in the time, effort, work, and discipline — just assuming that the outcome will be there, is still not enough.

We don’t get what we want in life, and we rarely get what we need just by assuming we will get them. What we are, and will always be, are highly emotional beings that send out energy and whatever energy that we put out, whatever intention that we set, comes back ten-fold.

So, we can work as hard as we want, as hard as we possibly can. We can put in the time and the discipline. We can work our knees to the bone and still never truly find inner peace, inner happiness, abundance, and fulfillment, let alone accomplishing a state of being of abundance and fulfillment unless . . . We learn how to set the right intentions.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

3 Governing Principles To Guide Your Intention-Driven Lifestyle

If a life worth living is an examined one, then let’s start there.

#1 – Examine the area of your life where you lack abundance

I firmly believe our natural state is to be in a state of abundance. Therefore, you must look at any area of your life where you feel you lack that. Is it friendships, health or financial freedom. Maybe it’s time – having the time to do what you want to do.

I know, I know, that sounds like a myth right? You’d be absolutely 100% wrong. I have time. I made it and designed it that way.

If you’re lacking abundance in any area of your life, look at where you are contracting and constricting in that area of life.

Why are you lacking? Chances are, you are not “clear” with why you are stuck, where you currently are and/or where you want to go. I’ll discuss what it means to get clear in #2 below, for the time being, just know that getting “clear” is how you can get more intentional with the direction you want to head.

And the most common reasons people lack clarity is usually related to one of three areas –

their lack of access to knowledge, positive surrounding environments or insight and impactful people. That is lack of having the right mindset, being around the right places that foster growth and learning from people who have done it before.

You need to find out where you lack abundance and are not “clear” so you can then proceed to reach out to the “right” people or experiences, as well as read the “right” books and materials.

Of course, this will help you with #2.

#2 – Determine where you want to be by setting “big” intrinsic goals

Intrinsic (adj) – belonging naturally; essentially; contained wholly within.

Extrinsic (adj) – not part of the essential nature of someone or something; having its origin some distance from the part that it moves.

The difference between those two definitions are the gaps between the life you want to lead and the one you are currently leading.

What is the difference?

Intrinsic means you are operating from your core and setting goals that are tied to purpose and impact, both of which yield an infinite amount of results. They’re not tied to specific numbers, so they are continuous.

Extrinsic means you are operating from the external, material world and tying results to specific numbers, or finite results.

For example:

Trying to get out of debt and having that as a goal is not the same as achieving financial freedom. Getting out of debt means you’re basically back to point zero, a finite number. Achieving financial freedom doesn’t have an end.

In the beginning, I was a bit near-sighted. I didn’t realize that you need to set your intentions much bigger. Something not so finite but something intrinsic.

See, I would set these goals, and sometimes I would achieve them and other times I wouldn’t. When I did, there was always this anti-climatic feeling that came not too long after achieving the goal. Why? Because they were finite in nature. It’s why you see a lot of people achieve the perfect body, but lack love or achieve a financial windfall but be unhappy. These are extrinsic, material, finite goals that are not tied to being purpose driven. Hence, they’re trying to solve externalities instead of internal peace.

If they are extrinsic, and of material, that you can touch or quantify as a goal, then they are not a lasting true accomplishment.

Yes, they are noble to achieve and are a great benchmark of small wins that let you know you’re moving in the right direction.

However, make sure you set an intention with the commitment to an intrinsic goal that you work towards that includes health, wealth, abundance, the ability to be a positive impact on society, the ability to give back, the ability to live a life of purpose, and the ability to live a life doing what you want to be doing.

Imagine setting goals around things like that, which will stand the test of time.

Most recently at one of our events, I introduced WAKEUP goal cards that say, “I’m happy and grateful now that . . .” They are meant to drive intention into your intrinsic goals that you future date and “intend” to create.

I, myself, have been carrying one off and on for the past 10 years so I thought I would create something similar for our community members.

They remind me to stay tied to the intrinsic goals I’ve intentionally set, so that I may operate from an infinite source and not be tied to individual, external material things.

Again, make sure that the things that are motivating you; the things that are your goals . . . Make sure they are intrinsic.

And last, but not least, and certainly the most important, remember that abundance is a byproduct of gratitude.

#3 – Inject gratitude into your daily practices

I want you for a moment to imagine everything you do and everything you touch with the aforementioned intentions, turns into gold. I also want you to imagine finding yourself every day waking up in a place of gratitude knowing the universe is on your side.

Feels good right? For that moment in time just now, you can’t possibly tell me that didn’t feel good.

The fact is if you can’t be grateful for what you have, no matter how difficult your first world problems are, if you can’t be grateful for something today then you can’t possibly create abundance for your future.

Gratitude is one of the most highly underrated sources of abundance in the general population, and it pains me knowing that it’s also the reason all abundance comes into one’s life.

Listen, you’ve got to find ways to inject gratitude into your life everyday. It all comes down to perspective and practice. Here’s what I mean.

Perspective – When you wake up in the morning and feel tired and unmotivated, ask yourself, are you alive? Obviously, the answer is yes, therefore, God, and/or the universe has decided you must fulfill what it is you came here to do. This is great news! This means you have the ability to decide what’s meant for you and actively seek out those answers today, which will get you closer to your intended destiny.

Practice – Start by saying all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for. Then, take time to think about the things that move you and be grateful for them. They may not be in your life yet, but I can assure you that if you are grateful before they come, they will begin to show up.

Perspective – When someone cuts you off in traffic or the cashier at the grocery store is taking too slow, realize you are being kept from being somewhere else that may NOT be good for you. You are being slowed down for a reason that’s bigger than you.

Practice  – Be grateful that you are exactly where you should be instead of being where you shouldn’t. Be grateful that time is working in your favor and not against it. Be grateful that the small things are actually teaching you a very important lesson in patience. So often people want things faster than they should have them, which invariably forces nature. Just be grateful for being exactly where you are while being grateful for exactly what’s to come and the rest will take care of itself.

Now, see the difference in the way you conduct your day thinking and feeling like this? Here’s the deal and I won’t sugar coat it. You are exactly where you are because of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.


If you truly want to see changes in your life and manifest some serious abundance, you’re going to have to make serious changes in your thoughts, words, and actions. You’re going to have to apply intrinsic intentions, display continuous gratitude and then be relentlessly consistent every single day. The results are nothing short of miraculous.