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As WAKEUP’s logistical hub for everything from video production to conceptual strategy to events to being the resident big sister to Charles and teasing him relentlessly, I strive to improve productivity across all platforms. Some people say I’m in charge of operations, others coordination, others creative direction, and then there are people that say my main focus is my dogs (they’re not wrong). I wear many hats.
I see everything in life (work projects or personal ones) through a simplistic lens, breaking it down into a number of smaller parts to tackle it and can gauge a project’s needs by looking at it. “It always takes longer than you think and it’s never as hard as you think” is a mantra of mine that I roll with. Me in a few words: direct, optimistic, and obsessed with my dogs.



I’m all about the visual experience. I’m WAKEUP’s head filmmaker and ardent perfectionist: unwilling to sacrifice the creative for the technical or vice versa. Don’t try and make me. If a story crosses my path, I will lock it down. I might not stop (for rest, warmth, or even pizza) until the film—whether it’s one minute or four hours long—shows the accurate subject, theme, and quality in the most reduced and gorgeous possible manner. Even if it’s filming my daughter dancing in her bunny costume far too early in the morning. A resident of England, I travel the world for WAKEUP.



In terms of a project, I see the forest for the trees, the big picture, and then do whatever it takes to do a job completely and well. But I prefer to do this calmly and to pass that along to whoever I get to work with. “Dreams don’t have to be big, they just have to be yours” is a saying I take to heart, as I enjoy my morning coffee, have a run with my mam (I’m Irish, so that’s what I call her), or a stroll through the countryside. For WAKEUP, I’m a jill-of-all-trades and manage whatever needs managing on whatever day it needs it.



I write. That’s the long and short of it. Whether it’s a WAKEUP script, essay, interview, or a note in my kid’s lunchbox, I’m the writer behind the curtain. Words set us apart from the other animals and they have the ability to build hope, incite joy, and change the world. I live in Austin, Texas with my partner, daughter, and mountains of books.



I’m a London based design agency owner, creative director, motorbiking adrenaline junkie, dad of 2, obsessed about creating brands that do more with purpose. My vibe is all things creative from visual identity and branding to digital design. I tried to wear as many rings as possible to weight my hands down to stop me sketching all the time but it didn't work...  I'm not happen unless I'm in the creative zone!  Its a good job I'm also addicted to coffee to keep the ideas coming!

I ignited my passion in the creative industry in London some 20 plus years ago, cutting my teeth as a junior surrounded by some amazing art directors who quickly progressed me onto senior roles for multiple agencies. Its been quite a ride!  I love the industry and have taken my talents to brands such as Dean Street Studios, Visa/CyberSource, Railtrack, Lexus Nexus/ Axxia, Costa Coffee, and clients in many sectors, from the music industry to corporate B2B business. I bring all this creativity and passion to a brand that has true purpose,  that stands for something very real, that brand is WAKEUP, as a collective we're here to make positive change.



WAKEUP was founded by me, Jay Kubassek: serial entrepreneur, dog owner, movie producer, occasional cello player, pizza maker, and proud father to Miki and Milo. In a nutshell, I’m just a guy trying to figure my life out.

Once, at a crucial point, I thought maybe I shouldn’t be alive. This sounds severe and, quite honestly, it was. I felt alone. I needed community. I didn’t know what to do next. To keep going, I would urge myself to WAKEUP every morning, WAKEUP because of possibilities, WAKEUP for others, WAKEUP to love, and WAKEUP my own authenticity, whatever that may be in any given moment.

So I created WAKEUP to help me understand what was happening to me through the experiences of others like you—to connect. I asked questions, offered small inspirations, made some t-shirts, recorded videos, and talked to strangers. Soon, I didn’t have to force myself out of bed in the morning. And quickly I discovered that there were many other people feeling the same way I was—searching for meaning and intention. I was not alone.
And neither are you.

Let’s WAKEUP together.
All my best,


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