โ€œTo be truly AWAKE is to feel at peace with yourself and truly embrace life as it is meant to be each and every day. Vibrate your energy to the divine in your awakened spirit and enjoy the journey. Thank you for my wake up call.โ€
-Renae Legge

โ€œI just love listening to Jayโ€™s journey. He takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Real raw with an asskick or two just when you need it most. If youโ€™re stumbling and need to feel you are not alone on your path, you need this infusion to spark your heart to keep going no matter what life brings you. One choice, one life, live it!โ€
-Jill Humphreys

"To me the secret of living is giving in any way I am capable of without expecting anything back. With love and respect, my friend."

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