Does AI scare you?

I want to talk to you a little bit about the future. Now I know that sounds super abstract, I mean “the future” – it’s such a loaded phrase. The future of healthcare? Cars? Technology? The human race? Well, yeah…kind of all of those – but all connected by a common thread… Artificial Intelligence… I …

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Former farmer seeks millions

I’m a farmer. I grew up on a farm. I tell you this because it’s not something everyone knows about me. I also tell you this because so many people come to me telling me that they think they don’t have the skills, the drive, the intelligence, the opportunity, the support, the confidence, the whatever …

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Are you awake?

For those of you who’ve been following me and my mission for a while now, you know that each week we delve into different topics dealing with the various different WAKEUP Calls we have in our day to day lives. Whether that’s learning to get out of your own way, realizing that you are not …

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The balance between growth & entitlement

Are you allowed a certain amount of entitlement in your life? Absolutely! Are you allowed entitlement for material things that you’ve earned through growth and hard work? 100%. Are you entitled to have more as you experience your growth? Of course. However, are you aware that entitlement can also bring you stagnancy, loss, and incongruency? …

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Hard work won’t get you what you want in life . . . Your intentions will

I’m often asked, what is the secret to my success? What is the reason I am financially free, have great people around me and have “achieved” so much? In short, why am I so happy? Does it come from work? What about discipline? Perhaps it’s my skill sets? See, the misconception in life about “living …

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