Take A Stand.

Take a Stand

So I woke up this morning festering. I woke up in a bad mood, feeling negative, and not wanting to contribute. Now, I was able to snap myself out of it but I can’t promise that what I’ve come to talk about today will be easy for some to hear or even comfortable to think about.

I don’t like talking about this sort of thing any more than the next guy, but when I hear people say, “Never mix religion and politics with business,” I say, “Screw that”.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m only speaking on behalf of myself because I do feel like what we’re trying to build with WAKEUP is a special kind of call to action. A rally cry that if we’re not true to ourselves we cannot be truly awake.

WAKEUP is a statement, a command. Once you’re awake it’s a state of being and there’s a process of waking up. We are waking up every day if we grow a little, we learn a little, we change the logic and mindset that we’ve used up until that point, and hopefully we wake up the next day a better person than the day before

But what’s the end goal?

The purpose is to empower and inspire and motivate in an unconventional way. To give people the tools, vehicles and platform to talk about the difficult subjects that are normally mucky and controversial without them being so, because we’re always coming from a place of positivity and self-awareness.

And that’s what my WAKEUP Call to you is about today. Having those hard conversations. Staying mindful. Staying positive and being a part of the solution.

With what recently happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, I got to thinking about where the hate is coming from and tried to break it down for myself in the simplest of terms. And while this example may seem like an oversimplification, I hope you’ll stick with me because I promise there’s a point.

So, if you’re struggling and you’ve got debt and you focus on it and you make it your mission and your goal, “I’m going to be out of debt by the end of the year,” that’s one way to do it. But, fighting debt is no different to fighting racism, or terrorism. Like I said, I don’t want anything I’m saying to be misconstrued but if you’re fighting disease it’s very different to promoting health.

You can fight racism or bigotry or sexism or xenophobia, because, yes, we need to stand up and speak our minds and take a stand, but the solution doesn’t lie within the fight.

You don’t find peace by fighting more battles or starting more wars. You don’t get more wealth and abundance in your life by simply trying to get out of debt. You don’t find happiness by focusing on the things that make you unhappy.

What you give your time, attention, energy, and heart to ultimately comes back tenfold.

The timing of this is so key to this idea because it’s so easy to get sucked into arguments of different sides of the story and the different debates. But, in light of what’s happened here recently in Charlottesville, VA, we simply, as a society, cannot go backwards. We cannot.

I’m a 3rd generation refugee, an asylum seeker. I find it absolutely revolting on a cellular level that hate speech is even allowed. I know it’s protected by the 1st amendment under the freedom of speech, but let’s call a spade a spade. Hate is hate. Violence is violence…and while protesters are out protesting the violence they are just playing into the game at the most basic level and that’s not a solution either.

What our society needs is to rise above the vitriol, rise above the negativity, hatred, jealousy, and the deep seeded hate that is in so many people’s hearts and minds.

You can’t simply tell someone not to hate. People feel how they feel but that’s where we have an opportunity…

They say ignorance is bliss…Well I say ignorance is like drinking…

It’s good to a certain degree because it numbs you, it’s a pacifier, it tranquilizes you, and it lowers your inhibitions, but there’s a law of diminishing returns because at a certain point you become belligerent and unfunctional.

We’ve got to rise above the ignorance and lead by example. When someone snickers and says something in your ear that you know is inappropriate, do you have the balls to do the right thing and tell them that it’s not ok?

If you don’t, maybe it’s worth asking yourself why, because inaction is an action within itself. Inaction and silence are part of the fucking problem.

Why are we so goddamn worried about what others think of us? What? You might lose some followers if you speak your mind? Get over it!

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything

What are your guiding principles? The foundational pillars that you live by? The lessons you’d teach your children. How you’d like people to remember you. The legacy you’d like to leave.

Wake the fuck up, live a meaningful life and stop putting other people’s opinions of you first and foremost.

Take a moment

My WAKEUP Call to you today is to take a minute to think about the things that really bother you or upset you about “the others.”

If you’re pro life and your friend is pro choice, consider it for a moment. If you’re pro marriage equality and your friend isn’t, think about it. We can either be part of the solution or part of the problem and by taking some time to be mindful and thoughtful about our differences we get that much closer to being that solution.

That’s the only way we can move society forward, the only way that we’ll be a better generation and a better world.

There’s so much conflict and upset and hate and terror and fear and it’s being perpetuated. All around the world there’s hatred, there’s division, there’s this “Us vs. Them” ideology and it’s perpetuated by the extremes on both sides.

We have to, as human beings, put our values first. If it’s not something you’d want the next generation to embody then lead by example and stop being petty, vindictive, resentful, and hurtful. Only hurt people hurt people. So, if you feel hurt or insulted by someone else’s religion or decisions, sexuality or skin color, ask yourself why and root out all forms sexism and racism and bigotry.

We can’t claim to be striving to be the best versions of ourselves while at the same time putting ourselves above another person. And for what? Their gender association? Their sexuality? Their religion? The color of their skin? Fuck that. It’s 2017.

If you can put your values – what you know is right – ahead of your religion, or your political affiliation that takes courage. It takes courage to be a good person and that’s all it is. It’s not complicated…

Don’t be a whiny, petty, petulant child that can’t handle it that someone across town looks different than you.

Now, I can’t tell you to change any more than you can tell me. We have to change ourselves. We have to look inside and ask ourselves where the discomfort, the emotion, the rage, the hate is coming from. Bring some mindfulness to it and acknowledge when these feelings come up.

We can’t completely control our thoughts – we’re completely bombarded with outside influence and stimulation and if we’re not careful and if we become complacent and leave our minds open, we can be susceptible to those outside influences, whether they are good or bad. We have to be mindful of what we allow in and what we focus on and how we choose to react to these feelings.

Whatever we give our attention to is what we manifest. You can’t be unhappy when you’re living in a place of gratitude. This is why it’s paramount that we develop the mental toughness to change the conversation when it’s taking us in a direction that’s criticizing or condemning anyone for their way of life. That’s another dead end street.

So let’s be vigilant and conscious of what’s going on in our minds, because it affects everything within our lives. The health of your life and your business is directly correlated to your mental and spiritual health. So feed your mind and spirit with positivity.

Be a part of the solution. Be active. Speak up.

If they don’t like it, fuck’em. Let them unlike, unfollow, unsubscribe and find somewhere else to perpetuate their hate.

But, for godsake, take a stand and watch the incredible things that start to happen.