There’s Magic in the Last 10%


Have you ever microwaved popcorn and filled up the bag only to realize the last 10% of the kernels didn’t pop? And you didn’t want to burn the rest of the popcorn, so you just accepted that 10% of the kernels were just dead; no value added since they didn’t pop.

Well, ironically, that 10% of kernels contain a bit of magic in them, and it’s related to today’s WAKEUP call.

See, recently, I was sitting in my home making microwaveable popcorn when I came upon this discovery. After I had eaten all the popcorn that had popped, I noticed a significant amount of kernels on the bottom. I thought to myself, “Are they really bad or did they just need more heat; more pressure and time to become what was expected . . . popped.”

I put the bag back into the microwave and tried several times to make them pop. Eventually, they did, and they were some of the most fulfilling, tasteful pieces of popcorn I ever had. But wait, I thought they’d be burnt tasting and overdone?

See, what I found out is that the last 10% of the kernels were only labeled by society over the years as dead in the bag because if they don’t pop in a certain amount of time, the rest of the bag (or popped kernels) burns. That’s where the burnt smell comes from.

This last 10% simply needed a bit more time and pressure to become what they were supposed to, and when they did, they were covered in so much seasoning, butter, and goodness, that they clearly tasted the best!

So, you might be asking, what does this last 10% of the popcorn have to do with life? Everything!

As I’ve said, there’s magic in that last 10%. Let’s just look at our conversations and our life’s work (or purpose). The last 10% of ourselves is what we truly reveal to ourselves when we’re truly in tune with ourselves, and the last 10% of our work is where the final outputs are nothing short of amazing.

Let’s start with our conversations though.

Magic in our conversations

See, I believe that we communicate in the following manner. The general public (i.e. the mailman, the plumber, the cashier at Starbucks, etc.) gets the first 10% of our thoughts. Nothing that profound, but we interact with them at a level that is very friendly (or not) and surfaced. There is that 10% of, “How’s your day?” “My day’s great.” “My day sucks.” Whatever. That 10% that everyone shares. The small talk, you could almost say. The stuff that nobody really believes or really even listens to, that’s just kinda filler fluff.

Then there’s the middle 80%. This is what we share with those in our inner circle, within our community, our family, our friends. Or in the case of my weekly LIVEs on social media; with thousands of people on Facebook. At least I hope it’s thousands of people so they can be inspired to spill their guts to each other. So there’s that middle 80%.

And I do like that 80% because what I’ve discovered in sharing my personal WAKEUP calls, is that there’s an incredible therapeutic, cathartic effect that I get when I share an experience with others, even if it’s a really unpleasant experience at the time.

Then there’s that final 10%, the final little handful of kernels in the bottom of the paper bag after the cycle has run as my metaphor from earlier. It’s not the first ten that always intrigue me that pop. It’s the last 10% that don’t pop that intrigue me, and to me, that’s where the richness of life lies.

The best communication comes from that final 10%. Why?

Well, I put a tremendous premium on radical honesty and self-expression. Saying what you feel, is massively important and liberating because if you didn’t feel it, it wouldn’t be there.

And I think the reason people hold back that final 10% from even their loved ones sometimes is because of their ego and negative self-talk. I think if we suspend self-judgment and this narrative of, “Well it’s not important. Nobody wants to hear it. I’m gonna sound dumb. They’re gonna laugh. Why are they gonna laugh? What are they gonna think? Is it gonna sell? Is it gonna be a click-through? Is it gonna be an open? Is it gonna make me money? Is it not?” It’s then that we’ll find ourselves in a place of true freedom; freedom to be exactly who we are.

This last 10% is real, and it happens to ALL of us. Don’t be afraid that you have these thoughts and don’t be afraid to share them. In fact, sharing them will dramatically increase your vibration and well-being and decrease your fear and worry.

My first WAKEUP call to you is to make sure your conversations that really represent exactly who you are, your most authentic self, make it’s way to the surface, so you don’t take to bed, let alone your grave, the things that need to be said; the things that need to be done or the decisions and opportunities that need to be capitalised on.

Don’t regret. Don’t live in regret. And also, stop asking for permission.

Now, let’s dive into the last 10% that makes our talents come to life!

Magic in our work and talents

There’s magic in our work. There’s magic in the last 10% of our deep desires to succeed and push through the very things we truly believe in.

Again, with the metaphor of the popcorn, the last 10% of the kernels just needed a little extra time; they needed a little extra heat and pressure to push through. So, how is that relevant?

Well, I have found that in anything you choose to do for your work, hopefully, your life’s work, you may find yourself in a high-pressure situation. You know, one of those times your back is truly against the wall, or it’s the final leg of the project or opportunity, and you have to really innovate through it.

And just as the last 10% of the kernels were the best tasting, so too are the victories from when you push through a really tough spot on your life’s work.

There’s an expression, “Pressure makes diamonds. No pressure, no diamonds.”

I truly believe in that. See, the reason many people don’t tap into their last 10% is because they can become stagnant or complacent with where they are at. I spoke about this in my last blog post.

One thing I’ve learned and I think is really telling about this little example, this little science experiment with the popcorn is that when your feet are to the fire, metaphorically, when your back is in the corner, you will find true success; true happiness.

When you have to be resourceful when you have to dig deeper than you’ve ever dug and are so far outside your comfort zone that sleep is not even on your mind because you can’t sleep, magic will happen.

The need to find a resolution to the thing that’s gnawing away at you, it supersedes everything. It trumps everything. It transcends everything.

And this is why the last 10% is so pure. It’s where you push all other distractions and unnecessary inputs to the side to laser focus on what’s right in front of you; to become present and push through this moment with all your might; to break comfort zones.

That last 10% you’re holding back is where all your intuition, gut, experiences, “seasoning” and more lie. That’s where the best of your best comes from.

My second WAKEUP call to you is to source your last 10% for pushing through your talents and bringing them to the forefront of your success. Allow uncomfortable situations to produce some of your greatest victories.

You see, as silly as a metaphor from popcorn is … the 10% is very revealing.

In our daily interactions and conversations, the 10% of experiences that we don’t share, can leave us feeling quite alone, misunderstood or embarrassing, but it’s where our true honesty and self-expression lie, not to mention our conversations we will never forget. The last 10% makes up exactly who we are and attract exactly who we should have in our lives.

In our daily work we produce, the final 10% is where the success happens. Those last kernels were not dormant, they just needed a little extra push, as does many things in life. And being that the journey is a process, sometimes things take a bit longer. That shouldn’t discourage you but excite you.

Find your final 10% and watch the magic happen!