WAKEUP on the Right Side of the Bed

Hey there. It’s been a while. I hope you can forgive me for that. There’s been a lot happening in my world!

Between working on some pretty exciting things behind the scenes for my business and packing up my life in the United States and moving back to my homeland of Canada, I’ve had quite a bit on  my plate.

That’s not to say all of these changes aren’t amazing. They’ve just taken up most of my focus and energy. I’m sure you can relate. All of this happening though, has given me the opportunity to take a step back, observe and take stock in how I tend to handle these busy times in my life and I wanted to give a little bit of an update on my personal journey over the last month or so.

I had a realization here over the last month–an epiphany–and thought I would share. I think you will relate.

That lightbulb moment was about the mentorship: as a concept. How often is it that we find ourselves questioning our decisions?


Where did I go wrong?

How could I have done this differently?

And then, on the flipside, questioning…

What do I do next?

Is there a solution?

And all the while, we look for guidance, we look for advice: mentorship–help give us confidence to walk in the right direction.

We all have similar daily issues. We wake up in the morning and either get out of the right side or the wrong side of bed. Sometimes we don’t get out of bed at all. In other words, we bound out of bed inspired, motivated, and driven–ready to take on the day or we don’t.

Everyday that cycle repeats itself and it’s up to us to control it. We can shift our mindsets–to mentor ourselves–to ensure the days we bounce out of bed outweigh the days we struggle to get our feet to touch the floor.

Our brains have this amazing ability to cleanse. The psyche refreshes itself overnight, meaning that while you sleep, your brain resets itself. This is incredible.

Tomorrow you can start again.

WAKEUP inspired and refreshed. Take another crack at it.

I’ve talked so many times about creating your own individual reality. How do we begin to create our dream life? We go to bed with and hopefully wake up holding that vision that carries us through the next day. But it doesn’t always work that way. There are a million different factors that either restrict us, pull us back, contract us, steal our energy, or cause us to question and doubt ourselves. Things that rob our energy. Sometimes the feeling is almost like the life is being sucked from you, “energy sucks,” I call them. These relationships don’t serve you.

We’re all on this journey of entrepreneurship and even more than entrepreneurship– self-discovery. How do we pinpoint what is most importance to us?

Well, we can start by asking some questions:

What do I do next?

What is the answer?

What is the solution?

And how do you even begin to answer them?

Educate yourself. Be relentless in your pursuit of shining light on the darkness. Find your people. Find mentors. Find those individuals who act as a mirror, those people who don’t let you hide from the difficult truths of self-discovery.

The only reason I am where I am today is because of the help, support, guidance, advice, and occasional ass kicking I got from my many mentors along my journey.

That’s the important thing to remember.

None of us has to go it alone, nor should we. Why carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when you can have a few extra sets of hands to balance some of that weight?

We’re all given the same 24 hour cycle. Wake up, live life, go to sleep, repeat.

We have a choice, every morning.

Right side of the bed or wrong side?

The answer isn’t always easy, but it’s always obvious. Make the RIGHT choice.



    • Jay Kubassek 24 January, 2019 at 07:57 Reply

      It’s my pleasure Jesse. It’s your essence giving you a nudge that something isn’t right, that you’re capable of more. You’re meant for more. It’s up to you to change it. No-one else. Live your life for you, not what society or anyone else expects you to be or do.

  1. Ted Coates 30 January, 2019 at 15:23 Reply

    I’m inspired by your challenge and your advice and outlook. After following you for so long my spirit is renewed. Looking for more great things from you. Welcome back!

  2. Cat 30 January, 2019 at 19:23 Reply

    Relentless in your pursuit of shining a light getting educated. I have now a 5000 Watt lamp shining on it thanks! Mentors, coaches, and questions, constant questions.

    Yes of course one tends to get these aha moments also – often during sleep, shower, meditation, dog walks… I have found that imperfect action often gives us the answers, as long as the action is taken with the right intention.
    And the questions never stop…
    Is it ever enough?
    Are we in the right direction?
    Is the intention clear enough?
    Is this really what I want?

    Let us also remember that carbon can be transformed into all sorts of goodies before the pressure is strong enough to turn it into a diamond, and even then it takes all other atmospheric conditions to get the diamond (we won’t mention the time factor here!)
    Often we stop short…Not enough pressure!

    So we get burnt and rise up again to more questions, and imperfect actions until finally we see the carats appearing – now how many carats do I want is the next step!!! (Do I need to mention that the more the carats, the more value we provide and the more people we help?!)

    Enjoy the journey, the pressure’s on (hahahah)
    PS loving the doggie videos in the snow, you are used to these wake ups in freezing temperatures – they are not and their adaptation is enlightening to watch <3

  3. Bettye 8 February, 2019 at 11:13 Reply

    Hello, I’ve had those aha moments thru out my life but never got the next connect moments, are where to go from here moment. I’m delighted that you’re back. I got a email from you over ten years ago with you asking me to please let you help me. You’ve my attention now.

    Thank You

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