Recently The WAKEUP Co. was mentioned in the news, featuring personal stories of loss during the time of the pandemic. 

Loss, and all the grief that comes with it, are true for each one of us during this international crisis. These elements of survival through pandemic times are not to be ignored, but either are the victories. Part of the story is never the whole story, is it?

The WAKEUP Co., the production arm of the larger company, has experienced loss—our live events, usually bringing hundreds of people together each year in different parts of the world from the Gold Coast to London and our backyard in Toronto. Live events, the equipment needed for them, and that particular business model—these are gone, perhaps for good. And this could actually, literally, be good! 

Hear us out. 

What WAKEUP understands at its very core, is that the reality of getting back to normal doesn’t exist. Who knows what normal will be? It’s 100% unknown. And we’re down for the unknown! Honestly, it’s sort of our thing. We also understand that drivers for change come in many forms and COVID was a fast driver for everyone, The WAKEUP Co. included. You have to be agile. 

Businesses like The WAKEUP Co. that have been birthed during COVID (and many from the community) are ready for whatever curveballs are thrown. This is what we’ve been training for.

As a production team, WAKEUP is growing. Not towards live events, of course, but towards hybrid events, video production, and more. The WAKEUP Co. actually got pushed from the back burner to the front. Very quickly during the pandemic, it went from an idea to an agency. Like it or not, here we are. Because we had our beliefs firmly in place and our company was built upon those, we could put those values underneath a shifted vision and it held strong. We will be an even bigger value for our community now. This is a promise and a threat. 

The future is now. 

The basis of The WAKEUP Co. was a passion project of Jason Kubassek’s and it began as more of a message than a business. And then COVID hit. “Ready or not, WAKEUP had to be born now,” says Kubassek. “Everything else is in chaos. And WAKEUP is all about turning a crisis into an opportunity—perseverance.” 

To birth The WAKEUP Co.’s production intentions wasn’t as much about survival as it was about need. “If not now then when?” Jason explained. “The answer is now. And WAKEUP says yes to now. Our motto is to inspire, motivate, and empower. We have to embody this if we want others to take it and run with it,” says Kubassek. “You are not alone. We’re all in this together.”

The WAKEUP Co., a powerful house in Toronto, is taking the springtime feeling of rebirth and growth as it accelerates the growth of its production. We think of blue jays, how when they hear a call from a mate, they come flying. They look out and assemble together when there’s a threat. This happens with people too. COVID threatened all of us, and WAKEUP flew in the hopes to bring us all back together. 

From spring training to opening day, 20% of all purchases of WAKEUP’s baseball tees will go to the Jay’s Care Foundation.

Keep an eye on The WAKEUP Co. We’re about to do a bunch of cool sh*t. Stay tuned.

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